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Have you ever found yourself stuck in a recurring pattern of unhealthy behavior?  Yes you say? That’s because that behavior is on autopilot and being managed by the unconscious mind.

The prime directive of the unconscious mind, or its sole motivation, is self-preservation. We are not going to do anything that jeopardizes our survival. Along with that is the fact that behind everything we do, even though it may seem negative and destructive such as smoking, giving in to cravings, drug and alcohol addictions, phobias, nail biting and more, is a positive intention. In some way we are trying to meet an important need. For example, some people may smoke take a break, relieve their stress or for a sense of belonging. Giving into addictions may be an attempt to self-nurture or feel better in some way.


All of our needs are important, and valid. We are emotional beings. We interact with our environment through our senses, including feelings. The need to feel safe supported and a sense of belonging represent two we are.


Sometimes the behaviors we choose to meet those needs are not the best or healthiest and they never seem to scratch the itch in some cases. We chose many of these behaviors long ago, perhaps even when we were children. For example a small child can decide that snakes are dangerous after seeing a grown up respond to them in fear. In reality not all snakes are dangerous. So, it would be beneficial for us to revisit that initial decision and alter it so that we are not, for example, avoiding the outdoors in fear of seeing a snake.


The best way to retrain the mind is with hypnosis. Using hypnosis we identify more positive and appropriate behaviors that successfully meet those needs. And we create new neural networks in the brain to help you easily implement these permanent new behaviors. For example, learning breathing techniques may help you relieve stress in a more empowering and healthy way then smoking. Engaging in physical activity, journaling, calling a friend or getting professional help may be a much wiser choice then giving into addictions. In essence we retrain the brain to replace those old behaviors with the new ones so that you are able to meet those needs in ways that are healthier, empowering, and that allow you to achieve your goals.


Hypno-Coaching is a viable, alternative personal development modality with a proven track record of success in many areas.  It can be the best choice in helping you or someone you know overcome problems, gain confidence, and perform better.

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