Gratitude and Affirmations for the Holidays

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With Thanksgiving two days away the idea of gratitude was on my mind today.  And so I led my yoga students in a guided  meditation on gratitude.

Having the attitude of gratitude can be healing for mind, body and soul.

When we cultivate a daily practice of recognizing and acknowledging what we are thankful for, we open ourselves to seeing and experiencing the world from a different, perspective. And this can do much to ease the stress and depression that often accompanies the holiday season.

If you are trapped in a cycle of replaying and dwelling on the negative events of the day and-or season, you just may find yourself replacing that old cycle with a positive one as you create a daily gratitude practice. 

Gratitude Activity

At the end of the day write the answers to these questions in your journal. Choose to do this daily for a minimum of two weeks.

  1. What am I grateful for today?
  2. What really cool thing did I learn today?
  3. What did I appreciate about myself today?

Holiday Affirmations

Repeating these holiday affirmations to yourself will support you in making conscious healthy choices this holiday season.

This holiday season is about gratitude.

It’s about family.

It’s about love.

Taking care of myself is an act of love.

This is going to be a special holiday season.

I find the time to move my body.

I drink water and feel the power of a well-hydrated body.

I’m attracted to healthy foods.

I hold a vision of my healthy and strong body.

My choices support this vision.

With every healthy choice I feel so good.

I enjoy the holidays at a deeper level now.

I love and support my body through this holiday season

This is easier than I thought

This is fun and enjoyable

This is about gratitude and love

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you always, Patricia

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