Craving Salt?

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Remember those times when you have craved a bag of chips? Maybe it felt like you could eat several bags in one sitting. Then you feel bad about all that fat and calories, and loosing control, right. Then maybe you begin to wonder why you crave those chips… Sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. We need salt in order to survive, but just not that much.

According to the Mayo Clinic: “The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend limiting sodium to less than 2,300 mg a day — or 1,500 mg if you’re age 51 or older, or if you are black, or if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease.” But the average American consumes approximately 8,500 milligrams of salt per day, double the recommended amount according to Michael Moss, author of “Salt Sugar Fat”. Processed foods are the guilty culprit of over 77% of our salt intake

Cravings can be a result of mineral deficiency, dehydration, underactive adrenal glands, learned, habitual behavior, or more serious conditions.

Craving for salt is also a common symptom of Addison’s disease (decreased production of hormones by the adrenal glands), dehydration, and electrolyte imbalances. Depending on the cause, your salt craving may last only as long as it takes to rehydrate following mild dehydration from heavy sweating. Read more here:

Salt and Weight Loss

If you are trying to loose weight, too much salt you will have more of a challenge losing weight. Because consuming too much salt causes you body to hold on to more water, you may be carrying excess water weight. Drinking water can help flush sodium, expediting water-weight loss. CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO.


Dangers of Excess Salt Intake

Chronic excessive salt intake often leads to high blood pressure, or hypertension. This can lead to heart disease and stroke. Even though some people tolerate salt more easily than others, and there is no way to determine salt sensitivity, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advises all Americans to limit sodium intake to help ensure a healthy heart.

So take good care, drink lots of water, 8, 8 ounces daily and begin to limit your salt intake. For more support, check out our hypnosis recordings here INTEGRITY’S STORE, or call us for FREE consultation.

Wishing you overflowing health and blessings.

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