5 Tips To Stay Positive During Stressful Times

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The holidays are not the only times of high stress.  These are stressful times.  And inspite of our best intentions, stress can creep up and devour us if we are not mindful.  These 5 tips will help you stay positive during difficult times.

5 Tips For Staying Positive

With all the challenges surrounding us today, like an unhealthy world environment, to personal challenges like losing a job, a loved one, or suffering from illness or disease, it can be extremely difficult to stay positive. However, it’s good to know that remaining positive is a choice, and it can be learned and mastered. Realize that there will always be struggles, even after the current one’s are over. But also know that there is more beyond the pain. Below are some of those tips to help you stay positive:

Surround yourself with positive influences

Assess your relationships. Support yourself by making a decision to leave abusive, negative and unsupportive relationships. According to the latest in brain research, our brains are rewired toward negativity if we continually expose ourselves to negative people. So, instead, find those people who believe and trust in you and stick with them as this will support and encourage you to be positive. Know that you can always make new friends by joining groups who gather around common interests such as hobbies, art, music, acting, hiking, exercise, classes etc. Check out meetup.com to find groups.

Set goals

Divide your goals into small portions, so that you don’t feel burdened as you work towards your ultimate goals. This will help you focus on your life’s dreams and motivate you on the drive towards achieving them. Share your goals with those close and supportive to you and allow others to encourage you as you in turn, support others.

Smile and laugh through the pain

Smiling is a sure way of helping you stay positive even if you don’t feel like it. Daily smiling changes your brain and body in healthy ways while encouraging you to stay positive. Smile often at others and as you do, you’ll make them happy and you will have the satisfaction of making someone smile too. In the end it helps you be positive.

Share your achievements and sorrows

Avoid suppressing your feelings and thinking they will pass. Pent up emotions can be like an overfilled balloon, ready to burst at any moment. And that’s not healthy for you. The only sure result you get is feeling more alone, negative, and perhaps hopeless. Call a friend and create a mutually supportive environment where you both can share your struggles while lifting one another up. Remember to also share your successes and achievements, no matter how small, because doing so will help you realize that change is possible. It will help you appreciate yourself more and remind you that you can be successful. And this will encourage and motivate you to stay positive. However, if you find it difficult to share with friends then join a support group or hire a coach or hypnotherapist who can help you make quick, powerful and lasting life changes.

Pay attention to both the positive and
negatives in your life

Gently force yourself to think on the positive side of things, because you will feel better more often. However, also balance all this positivity with objectively looking at what’s not working or negative in your life. This will help you formulate plans to eliminate those things that may hold you back or bring unnecessary sorrow, pain or disappointment. Look for alternatives that can replace the negatives. Learn new ways to cope, join a group, work with a coach, hypnotherapist and/or create a healthy support system for yourself. Create a positive life that you can thrive in and let it nourish and nurture your body, mind and spirit.

Wishing you overflowing positivity in your life.



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