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Hey Everyone,

Who wants an AMAZING opportunity to learn to control your own mind so that you can FINALLY release that excess weight?  In my many years experience helping people control their weight I’ve found that exercising is not the biggest challenge.  Eating is!


If we could control our eating with our conscious mind we would, right?  But we can’t!  That’s because eating is a complex action that is often tied to emotional issues programmed into our unconscious minds long ago.  The BEST way to RE-PROGRAM your mind is through hypnosis.   Through hypnosis your unconscious mind will accept new attitudes and behaviors with food.  You’ll find yourself making healthy choices and eliminating junk food from your diet, as you look forward to exercising and feeling more and more confident as your life begins to turn out exactly the way you want it….

Sound too good to be true??? Curious???  If so, click on the link below and sign up for this amazingly great deal,  3 hour Hypnosis Weight Loss class for 2 people for $29.00.  So grab your friend and sign up.   Oh, and, you also get a FREE stress reduction CD.

When you sign up you’ll have several classes to choose from, and they will continue to be offered in the next few months.  I am teaching the one this Saturday, August 11 2:30-5:30 at Highline Community College.

You will also have an opportunity to practically STEAL my CDs at a really, really good deal.  See the list here:

Feel free to send this on to your friends.  Hope to see you soon.

Warmest wishes,