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Quick Overview:
If you know you can release weight but fear what that success will require of you, this package will help you powerfully address and heal those concerns related to weight management.

Hypnosis is a powerful, proven process for personal change, and overall health and wellbeing. In this package you will release fear and eliminate resistance while creating healthy new habits. Create a regular habit of listening to these recordings and enjoy your success.

The Recordings:

  1. Fear of Success
    Perhaps you have successfully released weight in the past only to sabotage your success, even though you know you can be successful if you choose to. Now, using energy psychology and the power of your mind, you will make a solid decision to be successful this time.
  2. Eliminate Resistance
    f you want to make changes in your life yet you resist those changes, this recording is for you.  You will locate resistance that has kept you stuck and take control and transform it for good empowering you to be successfully with any goal you set
  3. Healthy Eating
    Enjoy this soothing and relaxing hypnosis recording while releasing the need to eat when you are bored, anxious or for any other negative emotion. You’ll be inspired to live a healthy life, and make healthy choices.

Bonus Recording:

  1. Loving To Exercise
    Do you struggle with exercise? Not everyone loves to work out.  In this recording you will look forward to moving and exercising your body in some way, every day.  You will feel confident and successful as this new habit becomes easier and easier.


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