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Powerful Mind Body Solutions for Life’s Challenges and Change

What is HypnoKinesthetics?

HypnoKinesthetics is a powerful and effective therapeutic, personal development modality that creates rapid and profound change.

This methodology combines movement, hypnosis, coaching and several new and modified, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) patterns and others, such as the Dancing S.C.O.R.E pattern to produce meaningful change, deep healing and powerful life solutions.

HypnoKinesthetics transforms traditional, therapeutic mental processes into movement while accessing and expressing information stored within the powerful mind-body relationship.  This mobilizes and allows access and expression of deep resources.


This process creates an easily reachable, self-organizing pathway toward a resourceful state.  As well, it can be a powerful stimulus for doing effective problem solving, discovering and creating metaphors, gaining access to unconscious resources, healing and ultimately self-evolution and expression.


This methodology allows you to connect with the body wisdom in a profound way.

This methodology creates an easily reachable, self-organizing pathway toward a resourceful state.  As well, it can be a powerful stimulus for healing past trauma, resolving current challenges, gaining access to unconscious resources, and ultimately creating a joy filled and successful future.

Profound change can occur in just one session. However, several sessions will anchor and facilitate the manifestation of those changes, and provide follow-up and accountability.

HypnoKinesthetics can be used in content free sessions for those not wanting or able to access, verbalize or disclose information, or for those who have challenges that might interfere with a more traditional “talk therapy-coaching” approach to problem solving.

For those clients-patients preferring more traditional therapeutic treatments and verbal interaction, thoughtful, powerful coaching questions, NLP strategies, hypnosis and other therapeutic modalities can be used in conjunction with HypnoKinesthetics to access additional, deep, unconscious resources for healing and resolution.

HypnoKinesthetics can be used with those who want to experience a new and powerful way to heal and resolve problems while accessing additional pathways of inner knowledge, wisdom and healing within their powerful mind-body relationship.

HypnoKinesthetics is an effective methodology and remedy for stress, anxiety, fears, depression, procrastination, chronic health challenges and other self-limiting beliefs and behaviors. It can be used to facilitate and grow more positive self regard, self esteem and healthy self love, goal setting, future planning, focus, clarity and follow through.

HypnoKinesthetics can be also be used in one-to-one sessions, with adults, teens, children and the elderly. It can help to identify, resolve and build confidence in those struggling with performance such as athletes, dancers, gymnasts, and other performers.  This methodology is successfully used with sports teams, dance groups, gymnastic groups, at yoga retreats, staff retreats, and as team building or in problem-solving activities.

Some Benefits include:

  • Expressing and solving the problem through movement
  • Creates clarity not typically available in this way
  • Feels good to move
  • It really touches you in a profound way
  • It changes the dynamics of the problem
  • The clarity and healing expand bigger each time you do it
  • It cancels and clears the problem
  • You realize the cause of the problem and create resources to solve it.
  • It creates more space and flexibility
  • It is fun and creative
  • Engages the mind body in a dynamic way
  • Provides treatment options

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Testimonies For The Hypno Thoughts 2018 Workshop:

Patricia’s class was amazing & very powerful for myself to see the effects of the body movements & releasing emotional energy and problem solving. Loved it! My fav class so far on Friday Thanks. Heather Haslem