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Summer Fun! I hope you are enjoying the heat and sunny weather. Summertime and warm weather is a wonderful opportunity to be active.  Early morning or evening walks can feel so good.  Swimming in the lake or indoor pool can feel so refreshing on your skin, not to mention the beautiful things it does for your inside body.

Even though our sky is still a bit smokey, fall and winter will be here soon enough. So let’s savor what we have and be more active.





Happiness: Are you truly, deeply happy? Real, lasting happiness is more than always being in a positive mood. It’s a lasting state of wellbeing, a feeling of being centered, grounded and connected to your core essence in spite of what’s going on in our crazy world.

True happiness is YOU thriving in a purpose filled life, as you define it. It’s enjoying healthy and fulfilling relationships, feeling successful, whatever that means to you and engaging in meaningful acts of service.

Is it possible to live this kind of happy life? Absolutely, provided you first imagine it, gather the inner resources like motivation, to go for it and find some wise guidance to support you along the way.

You can take a big step toward that goal by joining us for one of the hypnosis weight loss classes listed below.  Because hypnosis helps you to reconnect with yourself, you can find that motivation, courage and inner guidance to help you achieve any goal. With hypnosis you can reach your highest potential, and tap into a profound sense of wellbeing and happiness. And, I’ll be leading giving you a special dose of happiness in these two sessions.





Weight Loss – Smoking Cessation Session and the IRS
Did you know you can claim hypnosis weight loss and/or smoking cessation classes on your IRS tax return?  Check it out below.
Regular attendance at these group hypnosis classes can be very helpful due in part because hypnosis success is based on repetition.  However, there can be certain circumstances in a person’s life, affecting weight loss success, that could be better addressed in private sessions.
So, knowing you can deduct the sessions on your taxes might just be the incentive you are looking for to sign up for individual, private hypnosis sessions.  Contact me to find out how individual hypnosis sessions will help you make positive changes.
Remember, if you’ve taken this class before, you only pay $10 to retake it.
Let me know if you have questions.  And send me an email and and tell me to reserve your place in class.



Hypnosis & Pain Management

Did you know the brain produces chemicals that are 50 times more potent than any man-made substance. With hypnosis, you can use the power of your own mind to change the perception of pain created in your brain. There has been lots of scientific research on the efficacy of hypnosis to manage pain. And, those pain meds are most often ineffective and addicting.  Contact me if you or anyone you know needs real relief from chronic pain.

Patricia Eslava Vessey PCC, CHt is the owner of Integrity Coaching & Training Systems, a personal development company dedicated to empowering people to succeed in their personal and professional lives. Patricia is passionately committed to supporting her clients and students in transforming, negative and destructive beliefs and behaviors into empowered thoughts, feelings and behaviors so they can achieve their goals and live their best life.

Patricia has successfully helped thousands achieve and maintain their fitness goals and manage their weight as a personal fitness trainer, group exercise instructor and health coach, since 1980.  Using hypnosis, NLP, and other energy psychology techniques has added even more ease, enjoyment and success to her client results.

Her clients are groups and individuals. She works with all ages, including children whose lives are challenged by stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, lack of confidence, lack of focus and follow through, insomnia, addictions, excess weight, lack of motivation, self sabotage, menopause symptoms, chronic pain, relationship problems and others.

Using coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP and energy psychology in workshops and in hypnosis recordings and written material, she teaches people to empower themselves by harnessing the power of their mind. Her students and clients learn new skills as the reprogram their minds for success.

Visit Integrity Coaching & Training’s STORE and choose from a variety of personal development recordings to help you achieve your goals.


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