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3 Recordings + 1 Bonus Recording!
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Quick Overview:
Imagine easily, effortlessly and enjoyably setting and achieving your goals. With this package you will achieve the success you desire and deserve.

Hypnosis is a powerful, proven process for personal change, and overall health and wellbeing. You will participate in a variety of techniques including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to create and achieve your goals with ease, joy and excitement. Create a regular habit of listening to these recordings and enjoy your success.

The Recordings:

  1. Achieve Your Goal #1
    Successfully set and achieve your goal with this series.In this first recording you will recognize all the successes you’ve achieved in your life time while building on that success to achieve your most important goal.  You will learn from that successful side of you who knows how to achieve goals to be successful again
  2. Achieve Your Goal #2
    In this recording you’ll remove blocks and move confidently towards achieving your goal. You’ll step fully into achievement and experience it completely sealing your fate of achieving that goal.
  3. Achieve Your Goal #3
    Imagine achieving your goal, how good you will feel, what your life will be like and then double those good feelings again and again. In this recording you will already have achieved your goal and looking back, realize and solidify your journey. 

Bonus Recording

4. Eliminate Resistance
If you want to make changes in your life yet you resist those changes, this recording is for you.  You will locate resistance that has kept you stuck and take control and transform it for good empowering you to be successfully with any goal you set.


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