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Are you struggling to control your eating, carrying excess weight, and or have no desire to exercise? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work? If you are tired of fighting with yourself and failing you are not alone.

Challenges in controlling weight are not always a result of not exercising enough or choosing the “right” foods. What I’ve found in working with weight and food challenges for over 30 years, is that sometimes it can be a symptom of other life issues, stressors, anxieties, traumatic events, and or negative programming at an early age. These challenges can leave blocked, negative energy in our bodies preventing us from energetically creating those new behaviors.

But, guess what? YOU DESERVE TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!!  You deserve to feel better, to be more confident, and in control of your life and your weight.  And, the good news is, you’ve got everything you need to accomplish it.

Once you learn to harness the power of your mind to achieve your goals, you’ll be well on your way to feeling better, thinking better, taking actions that support you, and loving yourself in a healthy, self-compassionate way.

So, if you are READY to learn how powerful your mind is and how it can help you achieve your weight loss goals, you may want to sign up for this class now.  You’ll learn to use the power of your mind to achieve your goals.

I’ve been teaching this popular class since 2012, and there are more positive reviews than I can fit on this page. People love this class because of the hypnosis sessions, eliminating a particular food session, learning how your mind works and they leave feeling excited and hopeful about their lives.

Here’s what we’ll cover  in this 2.5-hour class:

• Hypnosis and how to tap into the power of your mind
• Release and unwanted food
• Emotional eating, cravings and remedies
• You will set a powerful goal
• I’ll lead you in 3 hypnosis sessions and give you positive suggestions
• You’ll have a chance to get rid of an unwanted food you’ve been having trouble with.
• We’ll talk about the Next Steps you can take to keep the momentum going, lose weight, be confident and improve your life – Repetition is Key
• Special Offer

So, sign up for this ZOOM Class today!

Information about Zoom: New to Zoom?
No worries, just follow these directions or call, text or email me with questions. I’m happy to help.

I’m looking forward to seeing you virtually on zoom.

  • Visit
  • Setup a free Zoom account
  • Install the Zoom software on your computer


  • Be settled into an environment where you will be undisturbed for the length of your appointment.
  • Click your personalized Zoom Link in your confirmation email.
  • Be sure to turn “on” your video and audio


  • Use a desktop or laptop computer for online Zoom meetings:
  • For best audio/video connectivity, please join your online Zoom meeting room from a computer rather than a smartphone/mobile device

Arrive Early:

  • Log in at least 5 minutes early to ensure everything is ready to go, and you can connect to Zoom
  • Get Comfortable:
  • Chose a comfortable chair and environment. Have a blanket and pillow available; your body temperature will drop while in hypnosis.

Choose a Peaceful Environment:

  • You should be in a space where you can be undisturbed for the length of your appointment. I recommend shutting and locking the door, having animals wait outside the room, and your phones silenced.

Backup method:

  • If we get disconnected, or the Zoom call isn’t working, we’ll use your backup line, which is usually your phone. Have that at hand with you.

Create a Quiet Space:

  • If you’re in a loud or noisy environment or you are hard of hearing, you may want to invest in a good headset that includes headphones and a microphone.


Hypnosis Weight Loss Class Testimonies:
I attended your class on Sunday, July 27th. While I haven’t started “dieting” real serious yet, the one thing I gave up (when you were telling us to put it in our bucket of fat” was chocolate. I have not had ANY chocolate since! It’s truly amazing! I have chocolate cookies and candy in the house and I really don’t want any. It’s not that it repulses me, I just have no desire for it! I have been telling everyone about you and the class. It was fantastic. Thank you again
K. Waun

You have great positive energy – fill the room with your presence.
S. Hilderbrand

I feel empowered to lose weight/food craving.
L. Earnsest

I learned how to love myself better, how to use my mind to exercise freedom of my body.
T. Tereshkova

Instead of jumping in right away to hypnosis, it was helpful to learn more about how it works, why and to learn more about Patricia. I learned to relax, breathe, and understand why food is an issue for me.
D. Alpert

This was a good class. I really enjoyed it and will benefit from it. I learned about controlling food issues and eliminate bad foods are in my control.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you.

Hypnosis aversion worked well– Let go of a favorite food – realized how connected to childhood comfort.
H. Clark

Class was empowering and motivating to make a change.
J. Pierce

Class was supportive, restful, trusting and good. Really wonderful session.
J. Blessing

Positive and encouraging. Learned taking control of my thought process. Letting go of negative thoughts.
K. Tower

It was good. Everything we did today I can take from it. I learned to let go of unwanted things and to forgive.
M. Murray

Powerful relaxing
A. Carte

This is the first hypnotherapy that feels like it’s going to work.
Z. Grant

I enjoyed seeing how this works. I’m looking forward to seeing my results.
S. Smith

Energized from the relaxation. I reconnected with myself to lift off the weighty burdens of the past decade.
J. Scott

It was so helpful to get an overview of hypnosis and the instructor. I’m so grateful for the hope that comes from this. I will walk out with the learning as well as all the positive suggestions. I appreciated this class – again the hope.
J. Gould

Very helpful, insightful and feeling inspired and confident to be able to reach my goal. I learned you need to retrain the mind to think differently. I will use it to achieve healthy healing and well-being.
C. Smartt

Methods to positively move towards healthy weight loss. I learned how to love the process of losing weight instead of dreading it.

Very relaxing and informative. Felt the issue of weight loss was addressed well. All the sessions truly were helpful. I learned the power of self! With help, I can do and achieve all my goals.

My wife saw a living social coupon. I’m very happy I came.

I experienced an emotional and physical change. The techniques are well described and practical. I can use what I experienced right away, and will continue to develop positive attitudes toward weight loss.
E. Paasch

Your CD (Healthy Eating) has changed my life! I no longer feel like a food addict after 36 years. Thank you.
J. Duggan

Exactly what I have been looking for, just what I need. The universe answered my need. I will use this in every aspect of my life. I felt very comfortable & confident in your ability.
Jody Matthews

I clearly saw myself shedding the things that hold me back from being my strong, powerful self. I learned relaxation techniques, visualization to eliminate my trigger food. If the power of the mind could hold me back, it can also free me.
C. Reames

Very interesting. I’m going to attempt to use the visualization to reach my goals. My biggest problem is emotional eating. This year will be different. I will use this to eliminate emotional eating.
R. Streifel

I took your 3 hour class last year – bought your CDs and use them almost daily and, I lost 27 lb.’s – Thank you.
B. Gibbons

I really enjoyed the class today. I am very confident going forward to achieve my goals. I feel that I really needed this class either way. Thank you for what you do – conventional medicine/doctors always make me feel ashamed more than hopeful.

Hi Patricia. I attended the class on Feb 12. I went into the class w/no expectations, my mind was open to whatever was going to transpire. I am a firm believer in your thoughts become things. I enjoyed the class and fully participated in it’s entirety. I did think the session w/the gross CD about being able to give up a food was a bit silly. But I left there thinking “ok, let’s see what happens”. My food was chips – I haven’t had any chips since. I have been able to say “no”. The conversation I have in my head is actually quite funny, but I don’t have the desire to eat chips. I didn’t buy any CD’s and I wish I would have. I am thinking about coming to another class. I would recommend this class to others as long as they are open minded. Thank you for what you do!
T. Varrelli

I learned how to use my mind to achieve changes in my life.
A. Tenz

I learned my mind can be retrained. The power of our thoughts, setting positive goals, believing in myself.

I learned to better control my thoughts/emotions in regards to eating & controlling the foods & qualtity.

I learned that we/I control our destiny and choices and how to avert challenges. This class was really informative & I personally will use the tools given to succeed.
S. Gregor

I learned how to use my mind to help myself. This is a good program and suggest it to others.
V. Burns

I learned that I can be hypnotized. Good experience.
K. Saksen

I learned that losing weight is empowering.
Janice Rosell

I learned several ways of how to release the habit of stress eating.

You provided for me the catalyst at facing myself. Keep doing what you aredoing/people seeking change will seek you out.
E. Rahlf

I learned to get motivated and stay motivated and to go forward and stay focused and positive. I was hesitant to come today, but thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the future and my success.
K. Waun

I learned to replace negative with positive image, and relax. I am limited by my imagination. You gave me some new tools to help me cope and meet my weight loss goals – to be as successful as I and imagine.
A. Thomas

I learned that food doesn’t fix emotions. You are inspirational. Very “adorable”! Good roll model. Thank you.
S. Fairchild

I feel good about weight loss. The teacher/coach is awesome. Made me feel comfortable.
D. Curtin

I learned not to associate food with emotion. I feel confident! The body fat visual was very helpful!
D. Vernia

I found the visualization of the bucked of body fat extremely beneficial. I can do it! I appreciate you and your class.
T. Boaz

I can reprogram my brain. I feel new again. Thank you for doing this class at a good rate. Very helpful to know there are options.

I learned to begin to like me and how to make losing weight a positive experience. You are very knowledgeable in your field and you make your class a joy.

I was drinking 5-6 sodas a day, then after your class I have not had one since. Thank you!
S. Roque

I’ve attended a previous hypnosis seminar and bought your “Freedom From Fear” CD and used it a lot. I was not perfectly consistent for 21 days in a row but I listened a lot to it and was able to take my husband on the Seattle waterfront Ferris wheel for our anniversary! I’m afraid of heights!
T. DeMars

I didn’t think hypnosis could work on me, but I felt hypnotized.

I learned how to redirect my thinking. This was a great experience.
L. Kytan

I’ll never eat cheese again.

Your class empowered me to kick the Cheetos habit.
J. Kennel

Well, I definitely don’t want ice cream now!

I learned more about getting past my resistence and getting rid of fat mentality.
J. Andrews

You are good and through to get peoples trust and you’re wonderful.
A. Bolos

I feel empowered to change my life, learned good tools.
J. Silverman

I learned to see myself reaching my goal & how it made me feel. Just thank you for taking your time in helping others.
L. Castillo

I learned control with eating, motivation to work out and have healthier habits. I feel empowered & motivated. Great voice, very soothing & confident thank you! You’re great!
L. Harris

I feel that if I practice and follow a plan that I can be successful. Class was excellent.
D. Browne

I feel positive – more so than I have in years! I identified & appreciated your topic on emotional eating – I am the poster child!
K. Jorgensen

I feel that I have a new found strength and understanding to help guide me towards success.
T. St Judes

This class really boosted my awareness and confidence on how much I can help myself in all areas of my life with hypnosis. I finally found a method that resonates so I’m able to accomplish my goal. Thank you – great job!
S. Smith

Worth the money! Thank you!

Hi Patricia,
I would like to thank you for the amazing sharing and love that you showered us all with on Sunday morning : ) I thoroughly enjoyed the session and meeting you! Your beautiful presence, powerful being and passion was refreshing and a true contribution to me. Wishing you a magical Fall and holiday season full of love and joy!
T. Stott

I learned to better love myself and from that I can be successful.

And I learned that my mind is the most powerful tool at my disposal. I feel that the confidence I have gained will be invaluable in my ability to lose weight thank you.

I learned how to rethink food and how I feel about it. I feel confident that I can succeed and can visualize success.

I learned that I am in control of my weight loss and I need to tune out the outside influences. I feel more empowered and believe I can actually attain my goals. I forgot what it feels like to totally relaxed… Thanks!

I learned to speak and think positively about myself-my mind and body. I feel confident and reprogrammed very cool class, easy to listen and be involved in.

I learned how to relax and use positive thoughts to change. You are amazing and an inspiration.

I learned how to break bad habits! I feel I have the tools needed to make healthy decisions. Class was in a lightning and amazing.

I learned how to let go and allow the subconscious to take over. This is the kick start I needed.

I learned to visualize what I want and don’t want and turn the dial accordingly. I feel like it all worked.

I learned that I was holding onto my weight because of my fear that I wouldn’t continue eating healthy and working out. I accept and love that this is me. Period I am healthy and active and always will be I will have no problem losing weight or loving my life.

Your goal-setting session was awesome and most importantly it was fearless. There was no fear in your session for me to go from point A to point B. I know that it is all up to me and I have the new found ability to achieve this now. I like your approach and delivery. Thank you.

I learned to believe in myself. I am more motivated and energized. You’re great!

I learned that I can control myself and weight. I feel much more confident that it will happen. Thank you for your help.

You have a gift.

I learned how to relax and get reconnected with myself, Feeling good, like it’s achievable, directed. I really like your approach, its loving and accepting, not judging or harsh, but inclusive, soothing and positive.
J. Asmundson

I learned a lot about the mind and how it works. I will use it when eating. I feel great knowing I can do something about eating and losing weight. I’ve never been hypnotized and it was a great experience.
C. Swearington

I learned that hypnosis is a powerful tool that can actually improve habits and positive thoughts. I feel empowered and excited to start my journey to becoming the person I envisioned in my “picture” of my future self.
S. Worley

I loved this! I can do it!
V. Gordon

I learned that I have the ability to be all I can. It’s all in my mind and I have the ability to control it. The session was really an awakening for me.
W. W Lyon

I feel great and I know if I continue to reinforce these new habits I will succeed. I really enjoyed the class!

I feel like I can reach my goal and release the negative emotional feeling driving my desire to eat. It was a great class.
Rajani Thykkuttathil

The seminar was very encouraging and I have a wonderfully positive attitude towards weight loss.
J. Velarde

I learned that I can help myself change how I think. I will use it to break habits I don’t like. I feel very positive. Loved it!
J. Miller


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