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5.    Continue to learn.

Feed your data bank of wisdom and knowledge by learning something new. Take classes, live or online. What have you always wanted to learn? Pursue it. Your choices are endless. Challenge your brain to learn new information.


6.  Commit to and activate your wellness plan.

Regular and consistent healthy eating and exercising feed your mind and body with helpful hormones and bring vitality to your entire mind-body experience. Add mindfulness and you’ve got a recipe for success.


7.  Create a positive and supportive physical environment.

Clutter and unnecessarily holding on to “stuff” can drag you down. Purge your environment of anything that doesn’t support you. This will become abundantly clear as you add mindfulness to your life.


8.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you and who lift you up.

Sometimes it can be easy to get drawn into seeing only the negative and hopeless side of life, especially if it is expressed by the people in our lives. But learn to stay out of unnecessary conflicts, and avoid excessively negative people. Remember that the people we spend time with, whether friends, family or coworkers are helping to shape our brains, for better or worse.


9.  Evaluate your life choices.

Take time to take stock of your life. Systematically notice how you feel in your relationships, personal life and your career with the goal of creating changes that support you.


As she implemented these strategies, Anna began to develop inner strength, and an appreciation and compassion for herself she’d never felt before. For the first time in her life she felt true joy. She could see it, touch it, sense it and hear it completely.

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